Vendor application

Submit an application to become a vendor on Unique Gift.
Enter your first name and surname. This should be either the owner or representative of the company.
The address where the business is registered
Once your application has been approved, an account will be created for the vendor using this username.
This is the email address which will be used for the vendors account. All communication will be done via this email address
Contact number for the business
Important: This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.
This will be displayed to customers on your vendor profile. Special requests can be made for adjustments to your profile, such as videos, images, etc...
Optional: If you have any special requests about information to be displayed in your vendor profile, such as videos, images certain color schemes, etc. You may list them here.
Optional: If you have an existing online store or catalogue, please enter your websites URL here. This will help us learn more about your business.
Optional: You can enter URLS to your social media profiles here. Such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You may format this as you please.