Why do I need to register?

Each time you place an order we need certain information form you (like your name, contact details, delivery address, etc) to make it easier, you can register your details once by creating your own profile on the Unique Gift website. Next time you order, you simply login and we have all your details ready for you to place the order. You will be given the opportunity to update your details (if they have changed) each time you place an order.We will keep your details to ourselves and you can rest assured that we respect your privacy.

How do I order online?

Browse the product catalogue and choose the products that you want to order by clicking on the ‘ORDER NOW’ button. If you wish to order more than one of a specific product, make sure you update the ‘Quantity’ field before clicking the ‘ORDER NOW’ button (you can always change the quantity later). The product will be added to your ‘Cart’. When you are done, click on the link top right to see the cart. Click on ‘CHECK OUT’ and follow the easy steps.