Our story

Unique Gift is your online South African Entrepreneurial and Arts & Crafts market. We are a family-owned business with a passion for Authenticity and the unique, so when the opportunity came along to take over an artisanal online E-commerce site, we grabbed it. We quit our jobs, moved to the country and dedicated ourselves to giving authentic, creative craftsmen the living platform to achieve their dreams.

We have created an accessible, easy to use E-commerce platform that will soon be entirely devoted to South African Products & Craft enterprises. Unique Gift, as an online platform, has the potential to reach markets all over the world.

Who are we?

Maurice, father (the boss)
Kim, mother (the actual boss)
Tamlyn, daughter (allows mom and dad to think they are the bosses)
Dylan, son (developer and work horse)

Our vision

At Unique Gift we aim to create a platform that will allow Craft and Cottage Industries from all over South Africa the opportunity to show and sell their products to a wider demographic, without the restrictions of having to attract customers to a physical store.

We plan to transform the existing platform into a greater part of South African products and to obtain the ‘Proudly South African’ certification. We are also expanding the existing social media platforms by utilising skilled marketing professionals and carefully planned strategies.

We encourage vendors that have a social development aspect to their business. Unique Gift is in negotiations with people involved in various upliftment programmes in rural areas, teaching skills and producing beautiful craftwork in the process. We aim to extend the spirit and vision of these programmes through our platform.

We want to highlight the authenticity and uniqueness of every vendor and every product. We have a personal approach and showcase the product as well as the vendor. We aim to connect vendor and buyer in a way that would not be possible in the physical world by using the online nature of our platform.

What we offer to our customers

For the more discerning amongst you we hope to provide a platform that offers access to some extremely talented and enterprising Craftsmen and Craftswomen and a chance to buy their products without the need to travel to them. You will be able to view these products through high quality images, and get to know the craftsperson better through their profile page.