March Newsletter

To our Unique Gift Family
It’s been a busy month for us and we are excited to share our journey with you!

Website upgrades

Recently, we’ve made some upgrades to our website and payment methods. Our website has been audited and approved by DPO PayGate! Unique Gift complies with all the Internet Merchant Requirements for online card payments and now accepts direct Visa and Mastercard payments via DPO PayGate.


This month, Unique Gift introduced three amazing new vendors: Chantal Mayer Jewelry, JacquiG and Dragonfire Beads.

Chantal Mayer is an independent, South African artisan. Her jewelry has often been described as affordable, wearable art. Her pieces are handcrafted, cast and assembled by Chantal and her small team of helpers in the Midlands.
After working for years in precious metals, she has endeavored to make her creations available to a wider range of individuals and income groups. Pewter, bronze and brass are her metals of choice. The earthy colours and casting qualities lend themselves better to her expression and style. Natural forms, organic shapes and textures, inspired by Mother Nature and Mother Africa’s varying landforms, plants and peoples are some of the dominant influences in her work.
Browse their range here
Jacqui G is a small, family owned business situated in Somerset West, just outside of Cape Town.
Each item is individually handcrafted with time, care, passion, and pride. The beautiful prints and vibrant colours of this “feel-good” fabric inspire feelings of carefree fun and energy! The Jacqui G ShweShwe range is made from durable, 100% cotton Three Cats ShweShwe by Da Gama Textiles.
Browse their range here
Found in the heart of the KZN Midlands Meander is a delightful and passionate team of ladies under the guidance of Barbara Magrath who runs and operates Dragonfire Beads.
Every piece of jewellery is hand crafted using the original Venetian glass lampwork technique and no two pieces are identical. Unique styles include elements of our African Landscapes and South African seashores, to name a few.
Browse their range here


Our travels

Unique Gift attended the SARCDA Trade Exhibitions as well as the Proudly South African Buy Local Summit and saw many new and unique vendors. SARCDA Trade Exhibitions is the largest and only trade exhibition of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting as many as 700 Exhibitors and almost 15 000 Trade Visitors annually. Proudly South African is the country’s only official Buy Local campaign. The Buy Local Summit & Expo has over 200 exhibitors, every one of them an accredited Proudly South African member company, from large corporations to small artisanal producers.


Our journey to find the best vendors for our site has taken us to KwaZulu Natal, Magaliesburg, Hartebeespoort, Midlands Meander and Bloemfontein. We have met many interesting people with extraordinary businesses and products. Our vision of becoming a platform that showcases only South African products is well on its way! We are very excited to introduce many more vendors to you in the months to come.


Wishing you a wonderful April
The Unique Gift Team


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